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For PNAHK Members (Paediatric Neurologist / Paediatric Neurology Trainee):

AOCNA Life Membership Application Online & Payment Instructions

1. For online AOCNA life membership application and payment, please click on below link and follow instructions in link:

2. A soft copy of CV* is to be submitted online together with the life membership application.

CV* (curriculum vitae) to include:

a) Training history and professional career

b) List of publications if any

c) Reference letter confirming that the applicant is in training or had been trained in the field of child neurology from any of the persons listed below:-

- National Delegate of AOCNA for the country or region

- President of the local Neurological/Society/Association/Chapter

- Chief or Head of Department where applicant is working/training

- A life member of AOCNA

Incomplete AOCNA membership submissions without (a) – (c) will not be considered

3. Make a payment of USD$100 using either VISA or MASTERCARD credit card only.

4. An official receipt and Life Membership Certificate will be sent to the applicant by email upon confirmation of credit card payment.

5. An email will be sent to the AOCNA Secretary –General and the applicant’s National Delegate for updating the new life member into the AOCNA Membership Register and the Member Country’s Registry and serial number.

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